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NOTICE: A 24-hour cancelation notice required on orders or you will be charged!


Homemade Scones 2.45
Large Muffins 2.45
Quiche 4.35
Baked French Toast 4.35
Breakfast Bagel Sandwich 4.25
Baked Oatmeal 3.25
Granola Bar and Trail Mix 2.15
Yogurt, Fruit, Homemade Granola 3.25


Soup du Jour
Cup 3.20
Bowl 4.25
Cup & Half of Sandwich 6.50
Cup & Whole Specialty Sandwich 7.95


Salads & Sides
Fresh Veggie Salad
Vegetables and cheese on bed of lettuce, with your choice of dressing.
Add your choice meat – $1.00
Fresh Fruit Salad
Fruit, cheese and nuts on bed of lettuce, with your choice of dressing.
Add your choice meat – $1.00
Side Salads
Varies daily
Kettle Chips 0.90


Specialty Sandwiches
Our sandwiches vary on a daily basis. Call and ask what is available!
Half Sandwich
Full Sandwich
Deluxe Sandwiches
Double meat, double cheese!
Half Sandwich
Full Sandwich
Chef’s Veggie Choice
Chef’s Tuna
Buffalo Chicken
Chicken and celery seasoned with wing dipping sauce, topped with mozzarella and lettuce on wheatberry
Cherry Walnut Chicken
Chicken, dried cherries, onions, garlic, toasted walnuts, mayo and lettuce on wheatberry
Cranberry Pecan Chicken
Chicken, dried cranberries, mayo and lettuce on wheatberry
Rosemary Chicken Salad
Chicken, fresh rosemary, toasted almonds, green onions, mayo and lettuce on wheatberry
Cobb Turkey
Freshly sliced turkey with ranch, bacon, cheese and lettuce on wheatberry
Egg Salad
Hard-boiled eggs, celery, seasonings, mayo and lettuce on wheatberry
Swanky Roast Beef
Roast Beef, swanky mayo, red onion, mozzarella and lettuce on marbled rye


Pick 3
How about the Pick-3 Lunch Special? 8.25
8.75 Deluxe
1. Pick a sandwich
2. Pick chips or an apple
3. Pick a side salad, a bar, cookie or a 12 oz. drip coffee or tea


Homemade Desserts
Selections Vary Daily
Bars & Brownies
Depending on type
2.15 – 2.75
Pie Bars 3.85
Bite-Size Desserts 0.75
Cookies 2.15
Cake Slices
Depending on type
3.50 – 4.95
Whole Cakes Call Ahead


Cold Treats
Selections Vary
Ice Cream
Children’s Size – 3 oz 1.75
Single Scoop – 5 oz 2.50
Double Scoop – 8 oz 3.50
Triple Scoop – 11 oz 4.50
Waffle Cone – Single 3.30
Waffle Cone – Double 4.30
Waffle Cone – Triple 5.30
Pint – 13 oz 5.35
Quart – 28 oz 8.35
1 Scoop 3.60
2 Scoops 4.60
3 Scoops 5.60